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Best Dedicated Server Host
I am looking for these specs for under $100 / month:

-Core2Duo 2.4ghz+
-2gb Ram
-250gb HD
-1500gb transfer

If you guys know of any place that would be great! I am also looking for a possible sponsorship for advertising straight on the MOTD and website!

Thanks in advance, and I ban cookies911 from this thread.
wait so you banned me from this thread?
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cookies911 Wrote:wait so you banned me from this thread?

I think it was more a formal request. I see his reasoning...
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I thought beaver ran dynamicservers, why would he need a sponsorship.

But anyways, what type of community are you?
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I am going to take a stab in the dark and say a gaming community
It would help if you were able to post your budget along with the location of the server you are looking for. As well as things like OS etc as that could factor into the pricing.
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You can PM me directly and I can get you setup with us. We have an AMD X2 4GB RAM, 250gb HDD, 3TB of bandwidth available

We no longer carry the C2D's in our fleet, so unfortunately the pricing will be slightly above the $100 cap you're looking for, but we can provide you with a remote license for TCAdmin as well to help manage all your game servers.
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This is close to my everyday prices. PM me if interested. . .
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