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ViC3MaStA's Pl4c3 Forum for games!

If you're looking for a perfect game forum for (BF, HL, CS(CZ, CS:S), MOHAA, C&C, or any other game(s), take a look at (and click on Forum!).
The VP (ViC3MaStA's Pl4c3) forum is a nicelooking easy-to-use phpBB2 forum with all your favorite smilies and functions.
The VP site (click on ViC3MaStA's Pl4c3 on is a site under construction. There are always new things to test and to post/send feedback on.

The ViC3MaStA's Pl4c3 (Vicemasta's Place) is a site for you!

P.S. VP also has a Counter-Strike Source DS! Check the server status at , or go to the 'Info' site at VP and click on the server IP.
The server is unfortunatley not so often online.
I've got a cool .com domain name now Big Grin. So the new adress is!
What do you think about it?
Wow, this is a first for me.....

VP has detected that you are running IE. The VP site looks wierd with IE. Please use another browser if you want the best view. Click here to download a suitable browser!

That is the message that I got at the site, and by the way, I am at work, that is the only place I have to use IE.

Yeah, coz in IE some of the divs don't act as I want them to do Smile. Firefox is recommended.

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