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Working on management program some more...
Hi there everyone, some of you may remember that I was working on a little server management program awhile back, and I still am now. I just a few more questions, if any of you know SRCDS and HldsUpdateTool down to it's code.

So my program is going to be updating the server, among other things. I'm wondering if HldsUpdateTool outputs any events that can tell a progress bar of mine when to increase?

Thanks in advanced.
Moved Wink

No, VALVe does not share their software as open source.

Maybe you could read the data transfer. If it is possible.
So it's not like it outputs any kind of hint or anything? I wouldn't know how to read C++ anyways Toungue
No it does not have events Wink

Maybe you could monitor it and check whenether it does that and that.
realchamp Wrote:No it does not have events Wink

Maybe you could monitor it and check whenether it does that and that.

Would you know how, in
Not at all Toungue
Ok, here's another question about the HldsUpdateTool installer:

Is it possible to do silent, unattended installations with it?
What do you mean?
Well, by giving the installer only commands like what directory to install to, then it runs without the GUI. I'm actually halting production on this, since it looks like I don't know Vb.Net well enough. I guess I'll study up some more on it before I continue.
You wouldn't happen to know of any project I should work on purely for VB.Net education, would you?
No unfortunately.

I am not that good in

I do VC++ :-)
Wow, it looks like you jumped several hurtles there Smile

I wish someone else would have made this AIO that I'm making. Hey, I could alpha/beta test one if you're up for making one Smile
hmm in VC++? (Console applacation)
VC++ stands for Visual C++, right? I think you can do either Winforms or a Console App.

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