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Project Lemons
I'm hoping this idea of mine will be revolutionizing the way clans get sponsored...

The goal is to give out free gameservers to deserving clans based on population, maturity and how serious a clan is about being a clan.

Let me know if you are interested, I'm still beta testing the idea on a couple clans at the moment, it seems to be going well.

Sponsorships come with a free forum / gameserver.
( Valve Games Only )
In the future, ventrilos and teamspeaks might be given out too however licensing forbids this until I go full scale with an LLC.

Join this steam community if you support this idea, it helps motivate me to continue the project.
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Sounds like a good plan, but all clans/teams want to be sponsored, who wouldent want a free game server?
Ryan White
Owner & CEO
Looopy, you could allways get a ventrilo reseller from
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Just sent you a pm!
Project is dead, Mainly because I don't want to do the work...
If anybody wants to contribute their php skills let me know, I would use mine, but its a large project that I don't want to finish.
Looking for a game server? Visit and pick one up as low as $2.50 / mo!
Hey Loopyman,

I have a similar project coming together but most based under a game server provide. Starting a community which is PUBLIC traffic. The more you do the more you get. Its based on bring 10+ teams together under one community and one vent/voice server. The teams will fuel the community - the sponsors will fuel the teams. The organization of the teams and staff will bring success for future development.

The server company covers the budget and its all based on Mature, Older gamers.....

If you like the idea and still interested in potentially a similar project, hit me up. I can get into more detail but dont want to rob your post ;].

- Servers
- Hosting
- Funds
- Teams
- Staff
- Other...

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