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CSS Server hiccups when a user joins
Server OS: Windows Server 2003 32-bit enterprise SP2
Processor: 2 x Intel XEON QUAD E5430 processor @ 2.66GHz,
Ram: 4 GB.
Game(s): GunGame 5_0_586
Start Up Command: srcds.exe -console -game cstrike +exec server.cfg +map gg_fy_funtimes +maxplayers 20 -tickrate 100 -port 27016 -autoupdate -secure
Admin Mods: Mani Admin Plugin v1.2BetaO, MetaMod:Source v1.7.1, EventScripts v2.0.0.250

Has anyone had an issue where every time a user joins a server, the game does some sort of a hiccup, a lag and then everything is OK?
It's not on the network card side, everything is running smooth, no ping lost when using the ping command with the –t option, server CPU runs very smooth, even if there is only one player on the server and then a second one joins, it does it. It used to work fine.

Here are my server rate setting just incase someone would be interseted:

sv_maxupdaterate 101
sv_minupdaterate 66
sv_maxcmdrate 101
sv_mincmdrate 66
sv_maxrate 30000
sv_minrate 10000
fps_max 500
sv_unlag 1
sv_maxunlag .5

Any help would be greatly appreciated

Try removing mani admin, and see what happens, if it fixes it, then move on to source mod, if it doesnt then try removing all addons.
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What's your upload/download speeds?
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I have 100 mbs upload/download. I have been running this server since February and never had a problem with it; I haven't added anything since then except few maps. I run a full daily virus scan on it with spyware doctor; I have 100 mbs upload/download.

(I think but not sure) It started all last week when I banned someone off the server by steam id, he couldn't get back in but was for somehow able to chat message none stop on the server (spamming the server with chat messages like when you use the "Y" letter). And everytime he was sending a message, the server seemed to hiccup everytime.
Go to and see your ineternet speed, 100mbs is your lan speed.
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get a fast download site them downloading stuff on join lags the server due to the start of the download
Here is my speed test. I do have fast download using http from the same server but it wasn't ever an issue before. Why would all of a sudden would it now cause an issue?

Just double click on the image and you'll have the full size...

.jpg   SpeedTest.JPG (Size: 12.28 KB / Downloads: 10)
Ok I remove the mani plugins as well and it does the same thing, I remove the Microsoft Windows Update security patches from July 14th as well as it kind of started around those dates and same result! Sad If anyone have any weird ideas, please let them know, I am out of solutions, I have even open an incident with mi hosting supplier as well and even with de virus company even though it is propably not the issue as I have turned it off for test purposes. And I re-did the upload/download test again and in dowlnoad I had 64.55 mb/s & 45.93 mb/s upload on a Saturday night.

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