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Bandwidth calculator
Hello, all!

I've created this brandwidth calculator in a webbased system.
  • Counter-Strike: Source.
  • Day of Defeat: Source.
  • Left 4 Dead.
  • Team Fortress 2.

Just enter the amount of players you'd like to run and it will tell you how much in GB that your server will use in traffic each month it will use, if the server is full 24/7. New! Now you can see how much upload your server need atleast!

Calculated with both in and output read from net_graph.

1 month = 31days.

It's still a test, but it's worth sharing now Big Grin

More to come.

Down Sad
Nice work RealChamp!
Ryan White
Owner & CEO
Yea really nice, could become usefull for people like me who are going to rent a dedicated server without knowing how much traffic it takes to host a server Wink
I'm planning to make a drop down function to select even more games at different tickrates. Plus! How much upload the entered player number requires. Smile
Sounds great, keep up the great work, and thanks!!
Ryan White
Owner & CEO
Updated to version 1.1.

And added Counter-Strike: Source 100tick, 66tick and 33tick.

More games on the way.

Updated to version 1.2.

And added new data, to improve accuracy on calculation.

Comming next:

Team Fortress 2 66TICK and 33TICK.

Updated to version 1.3.

Added Team Fortress 2 66tick.

Updated to version 1.3.5.

Fixed the contact button and added a security check.
Okay I've decided to release the files. (.html, .php, .css etc).

In version 1.4 - when I have the lastes rates I need.



Check first post for download Smile
sexy! thx for this

Also is this you because that is hacks Smile
thanks Toungue

*erh*host* Yes that is me at LAN Big Grin *host* :-)
Looks good, could have done with this a while back. :p
Clan of Doom:

Keep up the good work Realchamp!
Ryan White
Owner & CEO
Updated to 1.7.

Added Left 4 Dead, exspect Garrys Mod soonly.

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