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Hi guys,

Posting in here today to present a new GSP I have been setting up and will be working for. Rather excited to get it kicked off!

We are called PlugPayPlay, you can find us at

We have invested a lot of money into our hardware to make sure it is top spec along with our 100% uptime network. Check out the server specs below:

DUAL Quad Xeon 5450 (3Ghz per core, 8 cores)
32GB DDR2 Memory (Yes, we love overkill)
2x 750GB HD RAID 1
Windows Server 2k8

This is our minimum server spec for our game server machines. We are currently located in the UK, London however have plans to move into other European areas.

Game servers are charged at 99p a slot and Voice servers are at 20p a slot.

As we have just launched we are offering 40% off all game servers for our first 10 customers. Take advantage of this offer by entering LAUNCH into the promotional code area on your shopping cart.

We also have a webhosting division being setup as we speak, with the same server specs as above, coming soon.


>> Go for Denmark Smile

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