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CAn u turn secure server off ?
When u run ur own server can u turn unsecure server off ?
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-insecure to the start line, then restart server
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so how? where is insecure any screen shots ?
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where do u type -inscure
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add it to the command line

-game cstrike -insecure Gaming Servers
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where is the command line wat file ?
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I think hes using the gui
with the fist pic you can create a shortcut to srcds and add it there.. thats my map testing server...
[Image: th_untitled.jpg]

and with the second one.. i think you can add it there?? if using the gui mode.. somone please correct me if im wrong, thats a total guess, and have never tried it.
[Image: th_untitled1.jpg]

something like that.
Ya just click launch options from skeletor's images in your steam client and add -insecure.
DarkZealot89 Wrote:Ya just click launch options from skeletor's images in your steam client and add -insecure.

Come on man its not that hard to either add that to your starting command line or un-check the VAC box in the GUI mode. By the way USE SEARCH.
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Don't know how you got to this thread...

Did you even notice it's 2,5 years old?
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