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[Public Beta] Fast Download System
This is a new system to use the Fast Download feature of Source Games. This script will automatic keep your Web Server up-to-date with the last version of the files, in compressed(bz2) version!

Well, normal Fast Download is easy to setup with a single server. But when you start to have multiple servers, it quickly becomes a mess. Also keeping all files up-to-date can be a pain in the ass, every time you upload a addon, or a new map. Especial with Garrysmod, because you will lose players if your addons is not up-to-date.

  • Can handle multiple servers on the same address. etc, more then one server can use
  • It automatic compress files to bz2 format
  • If the compression takes to long, you will get the normal file. (still on fast download)
  • Before it sends a compressed file it will make sure it is up-to-date, using a md5 hash
  • Only sends allowed file types.
  • Shares the catch between several servers.
  • If you access it with a normal browser you will get redirected.
  • Cache folder limit
  • Support Garrysmod Addons and Gamemodes

  • Written in ASP.NET
  • Run on the following Web Servers
    Mono Xsp (Cross platform light web server)
    IIS 7.0 (still need to get the config right)
    Apache with mod_mono (Not tested but should work)
  • Currently I am testing this my own system, on 5 servers.

Release Notes
Version 0.1.2
[FIX]Url issue with none bzip files

Version 0.1.1
[IMPROVED]Handling of addons, and gamemodes.
[IMPROVED]General code.
[FIX]Minor errors.
[Removed]Source Code from the download. You need to ask me for source code now.
[Removed]Install Guide in Word format.

Public Beta Download
This is a public beta, this mean you should not take it into a production environment unless you know errors can happen. It have been tested internal, and I think, I got every error, but you can never be sure.

The files will be attached to this thread. Install guide is in the zip together a compiled version

If you download and test the system, please report any errors you get. Or problems you have.

Any thing I missed?
If there is any thing I missed just ask away Smile

[Image: 88x31.png]
Fast Download is licensed under Creative Commons Attribution-Noncommercial-No Derivative Works 3.0 Unported License

Attached Files
.zip   Fast Download (Size: 285.54 KB / Downloads: 33)
.zip   FastDownload (Size: 187.47 KB / Downloads: 183)
Moved to Admin Pit.

Sounds promissing. But I do not find it hard. But I would like to test it, unfortunately I only run a single server atm.
Is this GMod only or all games?
[Image: 3386928252.png]
Currently it should work for all games. Including the old hl games, and Left 4 Death.

The only problem atm, is if you got a addon with sounds, or other things that needs to be downloaded. (It is on the todo list)

realchamp Wrote:Sounds promissing. But I do not find it hard. But I would like to test it, unfortunately I only run a single server atm.

Il probably just open it up for a public beta later..... So no need to pm me Smile
old hl games is that hl and hl2?
[Image: 3386928252.png]
Well from what I know, it should work with all games that support "sv_downloadurl"

Notice. My latest version now works with Gamemodes and Addons in Garrysmod.

And il publish a beta in 30min I think
Read top post. Changed to Public Beta. Also attached version 0.1
Forgot something in the install guide
sv_downloadurl will look like this "sv_downloadurl "http://<your domain name>/default.aspx?dl="
Addede new version.
Is it going to be multilingual?
What do you mean with multilingual?
Nisd Wrote:What do you mean with multilingual?

Multi language.
~ trewq
Wasn't that, but I can't see how I should make it multi language, as there is no interface at all.
I through there were, sorry 8D
assmunk Wrote:old hl games is that hl and hl2?

If you run a GSP I hope to god you know the difference between HL1 and Hl2...

But nevermind that...

This is nice, however since I run my fast downloads off the same box as all my game servers because my web server sucks... Its not useful, but for game server companies that want to offer fast downloads that are easy, this seems very functional.
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