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1000 fps and 100 tickrate Windows Server 2008 64-bit

Help me configure a server Counter-Strike: Source for Windows Server 2008 64-bit.
2x intеl XEON E5430 2.5Ghz 1333Mhz FSB 12Mb L2 cache
4x 2Gb Kingston 667Мhz ECC Reg
2x SAS Fujitsu 147.5Gb 15k rpm
intel s5000vsa

I wish that the server gave 1000 fps and has been working with tickrate 100
To get 100tickrate add this to your starrup command.
-tickrate 100
Thank you very mutch)
Don't you also need the didrole 100 tick plugin?
Your raising a two year old thread here. Yes you'll need a 100 tick plugin to enable it.
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Since it's already bumped, its not any positive effects by running 100 tick
well if bhop or surf its really helpful
Nope. That's called placebo.
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