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Reaching 1000FPS Windows 2008 32 or 64?
Hey guys im working on getting 1000fps with Windows Since im not to familiar with the linux os. And im wondering how i should reach 1000fps with Windows 2008 Web Edition 32Bit or 64Bit, What should i use for a booster srcdsfpsbooster, I also saw this

What do you prefer i use 32bit or 64bit

You need to set HPET enabled in your motherboard bios(if its supported)
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yes 1000 FPS is achievable by win2k8 server however only if you have premium hardware. Its not like you install win2k8 and get 1000 FPS you have to have the hardware to do this. I am actually currently working on a theory of making windows fps more stable my math seems to prove it can be done however for super stable fps you have to use linux because the windows kernel is locked =[
If i enable HPET in the bios and use Windows 2008 Standard, With a Media Timer I should be able to reach 1000fps or should i say 900+
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You would have to contact them and see if HPET can be enabled.
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I have Windows Server 2008 64-bit, running FPSBooster I get 1000fps+
so can you get 1000fps on windows 2008 WEB edition if you have hpet turned on?

or does it only work for windows 2008 standard and enterprise edition?
I think both should work, you just need the fpsbooster and hpet enabled
[Image: b_350x20_C002748-004880-FFFFFF-000000.png]
this is what i got with hpet enabled and windows 2008 standard
note - i forgot to launch the booster when i started the graph Toungue

[Image: graph.php?id=1174]

[Image: graph.php?id=1589]
Windows 2008 can reach to 1000FPS providing you have HPET activated (some newer models already have this enabled by default without an option)

Use FPSBooster (Free Software)
WEB Edition of Windows 2008 IS OK (Get 64bit for increased RAM support)

I run many source servers in a variety of server specs ranging from Q6600 to Core i7's and all ran fine. Smile

You may also want to note that increased FPS MAY also increase the CPU usage.
Some CPUs aren’t affected as bad as others. Example my Core i7 which has 30 source servers is not affected by the FPS changes, but 1 of my Q6600 systems with 15 servers is heavily affected. (See picture below)

[Image: fps_max_affect.gif]
Good Choice, going with Gigenet mate.
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Well, about 8 months ago, i trued a X3220 Box with softlayer, and i could reformat a bunch of times Big Grin
So i tired windows server 03, defent 512fps, or 500 with HPET, and Windows server 2008 web, only 512 with hpet off, and on guess what 500 fps, so i went WTF, then i've spent 30$ on windows 08 Std, never been happier, Stable 1kfps, you just need to mod your cores, cpu pri, and THE CONFIGS!!!!

All well that ends well.

Also remember to restart/ Delete the error logs, every week or so, windows loads and reads those logs every time it starts up so Toungue
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