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My company, Red Devil Gaming will be starting up soon.

I will give you a basic layout here and if you want to help, your more than welcome. Toungue

RDG will be using "High-End" boxes (servers) for better quality, and higher profits.

We will be buying (loan @ £30 a month) or leasing @ £35 a month, for 36 months, a Dual Xeon EM64 2.8Ghz machine with 2 GB DDR ECC registered ram from dell.

Our Colocation company is thought of as one of the best for Value for Money. We will be uplinked on a 1:1 100Mbps port onto the backbone UK connection with Unlimited Gaming Bandwidth.

We are predicting, that with a full server, we will get an estimated monthly profit turnover of £95 per server. (fees like website, and online shop are included)

With 2 servers, we will get (at full) £195 profit per month.

Get the picture?

If we manage to expand to 6 servers, and they are managed well to give a good reputation, we are looking at about £600 PROFIT with the fees already deducted.( this will also pay for the server for about months if we got no customers for some reason)

At this point we can invest on more complex billing systems with intigrated Game Panel software for automated setup and tweeking.

This, and our super fast servers and support, will provide with the ground to expand rapidly and provide Dedicated servers, Colocation, Webhosting and much, much more.

For more information, or to get involved, email me @

Best Regards,

Brett A Grice
I may have misunderstood but are you saying you are going to make £95 PROFIT per server or is that your income per server. I too was thinking bout making a company but decided it not worth it since i dont have the time or money to invest in colo my dedi box costs £82 a month including VAT for
xeon 3ghz
1gig ram
100mbit unmetered connection
i plan to bring in about £100-120 on the server making a profit of bout £30 my dad says this is stupid but my reply was i dont like to con people.
I plan to run 3 22player 66tick servers on the one box. I already have people interested and i havnt even got the server set up so i got a bit o havnt even got website up yet but if you are interested you can give me an email at dont you just luv the name. prices will start at £22 for a 12 player 66 tick and my biggest server will be 22 players and cost £37 a month at 66 tick.
I dont reli want to make money just wanted to get a free server for ma clan and cover my costs. Also I think it would be quite educational and i want to learn bout this kind of stuff.
Is ur server running windows or linux. (windows sux tbh!)man im dead now.

LOL good luck with your venture

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