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Mani Wrote:Hi All,

So what happened to the website? Well to put it bluntly the website was running the Joomla content management system that had not been updated in a long time.... Ultimately I guess it was just a matter of time before exploits were found that allowed this webserver to be compromised.

In the meantime I've restored the database, removed Joomla and reinstalled SMF along with all the posts.

On the bright side I have decided to release the source code in the next few days. I just need to sort out my CVS files and put some GPL licenses on them then upload them to the google code repository.

Thankyou for your patience


I guess it's time for some updates?? Big Grin
hmmm very interesting ^^
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pengy Wrote:YES CUSTOM MADE MANI!!!!!!

Not only that but it gives room for 3rd partys to expand to in and make it 3 times as good.
~ trewq
Mix the admin of mani to the versitility of sourcemod? SourceMani?
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Why not just make a plugin for Sourcemod with additional admin commands? That seems like a better idea than running Mani and Sourcemod both as Stand-alones.
The best would be to upgrade Mani and make it secure, firstly get it out of that beta.(has been that for 4years now!). And still have two invidually plugins, so gamers can choose between more than just one. Secondly, there are several features I like in Mani Admin Plugin, which aren't in SourceMod and then inversely. Mainly havin' the possibility to choice between to GOOD plugins will be nice. I don't like admin plugins there in Eventscripts, do I only use it as most stuff are avialable at it.

And he has released it now Smile

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