SRCDS Steam group For Sale! (Domain Only)
At this point in time I can't keep running so I am selling the domain name.

The domain is registered at and expires on 29 May 2010.

Some stats:

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How much is a reasonable price?
~ trewq
$29.99 USD Toungue

Do you have any plans for
Beaverbeliever Wrote:$29.99 USD Toungue

Do you have any plans for

I think I would take $60-80 USD

I will sell if someone makes a good offer(its PageRank 2).
~ trewq
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Sorry King,

That's not really a popular domain. No one really knows what it means. I don't mean us, I mean the public. Your alexa rank is horrible.

I would say that domain is worth 15-30, depending on the registration left on the sale date.
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Has this domain been sold yet ?
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Derek Wrote:Has this domain been sold yet ?

No. I am looking for $20-30.
~ trewq
~ trewq

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