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Mani Admin | Several Problems
Hi, i've seen that you've been able to help out quite a few people with their problems, and I have one that's been really annoying me for the past few days.

Basically, I help admin a server and it has mani mod installed on it. Now, the manimod was installed by the server company (gameservers) and in-game it works fine to an extent, all the show is there such as adverts, the admin panel, sounds. But there are several things wrong;

- When you try to slap, kick, ban, slay and some other commands on a player it doesn't work, like when you try to slap somebody it doesn't make them fly up into the air like normal, it just says 'Admin slapped player abcdef' and makes a noise, the same with slay; it doesn't slay them it just says it does and does nothing.

- When you go onto the admin display window or when you type in 'session' or 'top10' to bring up the transparent windows they only stay there for 5 seconds, now this isn't a really bad problem but in the config the top10 should stay up for the set 15 seconds, but it doesn't; it just stays up for 5 seconds like all the other windows. Does anybody know the solution to this?

I know this doesn't answer your question, but it is highly recommended to use Sourcemod + Metamod instead of Mani. Mani has several security flaws, and isn't updated very often.

You can download both Metamod and Sourcemod below Smile
What Beaver said, mani sucks, too many flaws.
Ok, thanks.

I'll try out those 2 as their options to be installed on the gameserver website, so saves me alot of time instead of having to manually install them.

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