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Free sound list full
I have just got a dedicated server, and have put some bots on it, for some reason the cmd box is now plagued by the words "Free sound list is full" Does anyone know why, i have tried turning off the bot chatter but to no avail. Does anyone know how to fix, thanks!
Have you tried to run the HLDSUpdatetool to check for file integrity?
Yep i just installed it this morning
What I am saying is re-run it to check for file integrity.
yep done this no difference Sad
Hmm, that is very strange then. I will try to think of a work around.

Also have you tried reinstalling SRCDS altogether?
Yes, i resurected this thread cause i just installed it again and had that same problemSad

Sorry for not mentioning this before but it is only when i set it as a 64 man server.
yes.. i have heard this on a couple occasions.. source isn't really set to handle that many players. so your gonna get that, unless somone can have some sort of an aftermarket fix.
hey guys.

I server just started doing this free sound files is full thing and i havnt changed anything for this to happen. i run a 32 player dedicated server on my box. have ran bots on my server ever since i made server but this is 1st time thing has happened.

thank you napadude
Try making your server a 30 slot Server.

Or use less bots.

And why didnt you make new Thread instead of pulling a really old 1 out from 2005?

troyton Wrote:Try making your server a 30 slot Server.

And why didnt you make new Thread instead of pulling a really old 1 out from 2005?


Sorry bro
it was early morn here and i just got up and didnt even look at how old the thread was. my server has always been a 32 plaer server. why would it just now start showing this in the console server now?????
ok, you could try not using as many bots
I sometimes play Counter Strike Source with bots using the Create Server menu item, and today is the first time this has happened to me too, I play using sometimes as many as 60 bots, and this error has never happened before. Steam nor CSS updated, did they?
Just unlucky I guess.
The server just has a maximum sounds played AT THE SAME TIME.
Maybe you just getting unlucky they say stuff at the same time, maybe you added admin sounds or whatever, I don't think it has been changed as you can even get it on 12 playersSmile
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