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HLSW doesnt work
Hi all,
First, sorry for my english language (I'm french)

I'm running a cs-source home server on a sarge debian with public access on internet.
I'm using last version of HLSW and when I try to connect from my game lan station to the server, I've got this message :
Error HLSW: Missed Connecection (No connection could be established because the computer targets expressly refused
(rcon password is registered in properties server)

I need your help, french users dont know any issue
thanks alot
probably because the address that hlsw is using to connect to your server is the servers lan ip, and the server is using an external ip
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Am using hlsw from an internal game station with a private IP (192....) connecting to the internal server with a private IP with public access (192....) the server is using a private IP but whith port translation.
thanks incogs but its not a good way
ok, that is not gonna work. hlsw should connect to the server using the same ip that the server connects to steam auth servers with, which would be your external ip.
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