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Left 4 Dead 2
Why would they release this?

The old game is so full of bugs! Plus all those stuff they promissed us. I'd gladly see a new release of maps agian!

However I am curious to see it. I'd probably go buy it on its release date. (17th november 2009)
I'd much rather have hl2ep3 then l4d 2. I see no point in making another addition to Left 4 Dead... They should focus on new episodes of HL2 and fix their bugs in their current games (tf2, l4d, css, common engine bugs, etc) and then move on. With tf2, they should have a few people dedicated to work on the last few class updates. And along with hl2ep3, tf2 class updates, they should have the rest work on expanding l4d, rather then making a whole new game.

Just my $.02.
I'd like to have HL2:EP3 Smile
l4d2 looks good
I'll get it for surrrrrre Big Grin
Clan of Doom:

Hazz Wrote:I'll get it for surrrrrre Big Grin

I will go try it at a netcafe first Wink
how about a new Cs? any one else think its long over due? what im really interested in is halo3 ODST and halo:Reach. lil currious how a non bungie (Halo reach) halo would be like
[Image: 3386928252.png]
halo = gay

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