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Ev0lution Gaming - Selling gameservers from $.50 per slot!
Hey guys,

I am selling source servers (ranging from hl2, css, tf2, sf, and others on request) in order to keep my communities dedicated server up and running.

The server is located in Montreal, Canada (Right above New York).

If interested, either PM me or post in this thread.

I'm not going to post any specific prices, just PM me if your interested and we can work out a fair price.

Let me know if I missed anything,
Miauw Mizx
As an update, our prices are as followed:

$.50 per 33 tick slot
$.75 per 66 tick slot
$1.00 per 100 tick slot

All servers come with a control panel to start/stop/restart their servers, and ftp amongst other things.

Let me know of any questions you have, and again just post here or send me a PM.

Miauw Mizx

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