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New CS:S DM Server online
Finally our clan Fragaholics has launched a CS:S Deathmatch server: #2 | CS:S Deathmatch

Currently it runs 24/7 de_dust2, and it is filled to 8 players with bots (but they get kicked one by one if players join).

This makes now 8 public servers we are running: #1 | CS:S Standardmaps #2 | CS:S Deathmatch #3 | CS1.6 Deathmatch #4 | CS1.6 Assault Maps Only #5 | DOD:Source #6 | CS1.6 Public | FastDL #7 | CS1.6 aim only #8 | CS1.6 surf only

If you have questions, suggestions or problems contact us in our forums:

Have fun! (Linux Kernel HOWTO!)
Do not ask technical questions via PM!

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