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Max Connections in a Router?
Alright, I am planning to set up my network like this:
Internet -> Router -> Wireless Router & Server

Now the problem would obviously be that the router will reach its maximum of connections and begin to timeout users which I don't want to happen.

The big question is following: How do I find a router capable of handling tons of connections? If you have a suggestion then please post, I am currently looking at a Cisco RVS4000 but I don't know where I can check how many connections it can hold.
Just about any 100mbps router will be able to handle as many clients as your internet can hold, as long as it is not over 100mbps Toungue

This means any home router will work just fine, and you don't need a professional one.
It is just, a friend of mine was running a 26-slots DM and 20 mumbles servers on 25/25mbit and his router seemed to get overloaded.
(It was a wireless D-link DIR-655)
How much could it hold? 56/56?
(05-29-2009, 12:53 AM)Fido^ Wrote:  It is just, a friend of mine was running a 26-slots DM and 20 mumbles servers

20 mumbles at how many slots? I'm only presuming, but I'd be pretty sure most home networking gear will only do 255 clients max. 20 mumble servers with 20 slots each is 400 slots lol, 400 Ip addresses max, so that's way over.
They have different ports.

port 1, 2 , 3 etc.
Mumble wont affect the connection count on your router, as mumble is running UDP and that is a none connection protocol.

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