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100% Free Server!!!!!!!!
Every wanted your own server for FREE well now you can!
Just get someone to buy a server from me and you will receive a 16 slot Source engine server FREE!

Server plans available:
16 slot source engine server for $6/month.
24 slot source engine server for $8/month.
32 slot source engine server for $10/month.

Servers are located in Bloomsburg, Pennsylvania

Servers located in Seattle, Washington are also available but add $4 to the prices above.

Test Server: (TF2)

These servers include:
  • 512 FPS
  • Access to a web control panel(SwiftPanel)
  • Full FTP
  • 100 Ticket Rate (Only with Counter-Strike: Source Serv

Please PM me or email to order Smile
~ trewq
Ok the FIRST person to PM me that has MORE than 30 posts I will give a FREE 16 slot CS:S Server!
~ trewq

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