SRCDS Steam group

Looking for admins and some workers.

Do you have knowledge of the Death Match mod, ZombieMod and Wcs mod? Then it's you I'm looking for.
I need 2 Admins for my Zombie WCS and 2 Admins for my WCS DM.

Add vinnst on steam or e-mail some information about yourself to

(Servers are not 24 / 7 and not so popular since I recently made them).

If I get some donations I will make 1 of them only 24/7.

Im ALSO looking for any who know much about servers. If so, I willsend my server folders and the the person change / fix bugs or update stuff to send back so I can change. Unfortunately, the server "workers" will have to work for free until i got some money to pay.

So, Email info to or Add vinnst.

Hope you understood the worst english in the world.

Thanks for your time.
I'm letting this fly as it's more a request then an ad.
I'll add you when I get to my computer.
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