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Looking for a webdesigner
Information about the project
I am making a control panel for SRCDS which I am going to release for free and open source.
The client side of the panel is working well so far (start, stop, reinstall, ftp). I am yet to create the administration part (So far everything is being done with phpmyadmin).

What i need
  • A tabbed webdesign in valid XHTML and CSS.
  • It needs to be flexible, yet simple (no big pictures which takes ages to load).
  • It needs to be customizable as I am making a feature to switch themes.
  • Must include a login page.
  • Please include design for tables as they are used to list servers.
  • It needs to be free as I am not going to pay for a design for a free open-source project.

Info about the panel
  • Everything is done in PHP5.
  • It uses MySQL for its database backend.
  • It uses pure-ftpd for ftp access to servers.
  • It uses libssh2 to connect to servers via. ssh2.
  • The servers are set up using symlinks, a full server is around 10mb and takes 10 seconds to reinstall.

Please note - I do not need help with the coding, I only need help with the design.

btw. realchamp have seen a demo of the panel's client side in action Big Grin
I would be happy! I already have some betas that I will sift through! Add me to Steam please Smile

I have already made 2 possible designs for panels, and I would be honored to help!
Alright, Beaverbeliever and helixo have offered to help, thanks alot guys.

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