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3D File Explorer for Windows?
I was tinkering around online and saw stuff saying new OS systems are going to be more 3D and more flexible with Windows. From most what I can tell most of the videos looked faked or appeared to be using something like Fraps with Adobe After effects.

I was wondering what if a Window's 3D Explorer was made that allows you to rotate a camera around 3D files / folders. That you can open and or move around only up, down, left, and right and even change a 3D Skybox in your folder to your pictures.

For example if you had family pictures in a folder named Pictures you can change the area of 6 walls in the 3D view to different pictures in that folder or from some other folder.

The only tricky part I would admit on accomplishing something like this is for a slow or bad video card for example and millions of folders.

This seems like something I can accomplish after creating my first computer game in OpenGL. Performance is always a worry with developers like myself and it's effects on the computer if you had 5 3D explorers running at the same time with different folders. Of course I can disable the rendering and freeze it when it's not running, but trying to keep memory low is a challenge.

I'm not sure if it's a next project when I'm done with my game, so it's in the maybe bin. I still have a lot to do still with my game as for right now. I already have a RTS under development on the side when the Space Music game is done.

What do you guys think of a 3D Windows Explorer for computers?
Nicely written!

Well I think as I just read it, that it would be nice! But I'm sure that I'd have to see, test or try it myself for a final decission.
I think that a 3D windows explorer would be the best when we get holograms, to get the full effect
There are two that I know of:
Real Desktop

BumpTop looks the coolest of what I can see.
I haven't tried any of them.
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Thanks for the reply, I'm still deciding if it's a go or not, but I'll think about it more while working on Space Music.

Mooga Wrote:There are two that I know of:
Real Desktop

BumpTop looks the coolest of what I can see.
I haven't tried any of them.

They look cool, but it doesn't look they give even features windows explore gives. They look like it's just desktop only from what I can see. I can't read the descriptions now, but running something like that. I hope they disable rendering while it's unfocused or active if your not on your desktop.

They are not what I'm aiming for, but something like that as a reference to help avoid copying would be good.

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