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srcds work, but client don't see it, must tape "connect"
Hi all !
I make a srcds for "Counter-Strike Source" in Debian 5.0 GNU/LINUX and in windows XP x64.
It's on LAN and i test witch sv_lan 1 & sv_lan 0

In windows, i have no probleme, my server work, and the client can see it in the game and click to connect it.

But in Linux my server work, but the client can't see in the game, it must tape in console "connect x.x.x.x:yyyy" and he can connect it.

In windows I sniff the trame whith wireshark, my client send broadcast trame, and server receive it and the server send unicast trame to the client with information of server, it's so good!
In linux i sniff too, the client client send broadcast trame, and server receive it but server don't respond at client.
I open the port in firewall net filter ....
You have idea ???

Best Regard
Opening the ports on the firewall may not be enough. You need to NAT or Port Forward the correct steam ports to your servers IP address in your local network.

A packet that was sent out from your PC, and is returning to your PC will know which path to take to get to your game server. A new untrusted packet will not only need to be allowed in, but also given directions to your servers IP address. (A new untrusted packet is like a tourist, it has no idea where to go to find the local coffee shop or srcds server)

What is the make / model of your firewall or router?
Hi, thanks for your reply, but i don't understand.
It's a NAT probleme ? i must forward my steam steam ports to my servers local IP adress ?
Whith netfilter ?
But i don't do it !


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