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Windows 7 Release Candidate
Anyone who has it? I'm currently downloading it. (45% done)

And should be any better than the Beta? I know they might fixed the errors and bugs. But maybe if someone knows, if they made something bad now?
I just downloaded it and i tried to install it but it failed during the install Sad
Was it a completely fresh install? (#600 for ya, congratz Toungue)
yeah i made a partition for it and it was all formated but something happened and my computer crashed during the install
so i guess i will try again later
I will let you know in like 5 minutes. I just finished downloading.

EDIT: It works fine? I installed it, it works just fine Toungue I booted from a disk!
whats the DL link???
NVM i got it..

so wait ..this is only good for one month??? gah...lame..
[Image: 461031727.png]

It is working until 1st June 2010. Smile
o 2010.... lol
[Image: 461031727.png]

Haha :p

But after May 2010 is not worth using anymore. You can only have it running 3 haurs in a row, then it will reboot. And then you have 3 haurs agian. Due to the final release of Windows7, they would not let people have the RC for free anymore. Which is obviously, Microsoft does not give free stuff :p
I got it to work and i LOVE it
ok wait. im backin up my beta riht now. its 32 bit. ive already burned the RC 64bit. i can just resore my files from my 32bit beta to the 64bit RC with no issues?
[Image: 461031727.png]

Maybe I've never seen someone do it(or hear) or I haven't done it myself. Smile
Heard great things about the previous beta and the RC, still not sure if I will change over to it though.
Clan of Doom:

As far I have used it now. It seems pretty nice, fast and more stable than Vista at least :p
well.. ot the 64 bit installed. havent tried restoring files from the 32bit back up yet. i just installed it on a seperate HD.. well see how it goes. but yah.. ot no issues with installation
[Image: 461031727.png]


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