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[RESOLVED-OFFTOPIC]Partition split?
I just downloaded the new Ubuntu 9.04(new and new)

I do only have one main 500GB HDD.
It's however, splitted into D:\ with a total space of 9GB.

How can I make a new partition, like Q:\ ?

And then set it to have 100GB space.

I know there's some programs out there. But I don't trust so many of them. That's why I wanted to ask you guys.

It must be free. And downloadable.

And when I do this, do I have to re-install my Windows? Or something on the C:\ drive?
The Ubuntu partition manager?
~ trewq
King is right. Ubuntu has a built in tool to re-partition the drive.
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That would require me to install Ubuntu first? If not, I'll do it.

Since I can only install it on my C:\ drive. However I wont to do a seprate installation for the two operation systems. It has a Windows executeable file(an .exe), so when I execute that, I will be able to choose where to install Ubuntu. Any that's only my C:\ I can do it on. I don't want to!!!

EDIT: I'm home now, so I did the install. I didn't finish, since I couldn't split my partition.

I found out how in Windows. Thanks to a mate Toungue

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