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Left 4 Dead dedicated server launcher
Well this is the thing i am working on. it is not done yet (survival mode is working but needs to be expanded) Versus and Coop are done.

this is just a easy to use server starter. if you have a suggestion what has to be a new option in the DSL.. put it in here and i'll look at it.

(the screen is partially dutch ...but it is getting english)

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Moved to Programs and Utilities.

It looks cool. What program language do you code it in?
this is nice good job Pendulum
it is not completely done but its online enjoy!
What language did you create it in?
yeah i dont realy know what the scripting language is in it is a simple bat file that runs on every windows PC
Ohh. Just a batch Smile

I through it were C++ or C#. Toungue
Ya I have worked with C++ some time ago but that knowledge is gone Toungue

someone tried it yet ? i am anxious to hear what you guys think of it.
Looks to work very well!

Nice job Smile

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