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Play for prize NY
Like the title suggest this is a competition that is going to begin in the AHG public server

Whats it about?
This competition is between any and all traffic that enters the server. The player who is ranked #1 on the public server as designated by hlstatsx. The competition will be fierce as the hlstatsx system will be implementing a new calculation system to figure ranks out. The new system works based on skill level only. So if your in the server dominating low ranking nubs all day you will not rank up. If your ranked #5 and your dominating the player #4 your rank will move up considerably. This keeps the game play even and the competition close. The winner of the competition will receive a brand new Nvidia 8600 GT.

Be #1 ranked in hlstatsx in the server.


The competition begins April 15th and ends May 15th. 04/15/2009 - 05/15/2009

Just enter the server play and get your rank up. If you think you have a chance visit the website sign up and leave contact information on your hlstatsx profile.

1st place= Nvidia 8600 GT-
2nd 3rd 4th and 5th place winners receive a reserve slot in the server!
Once the month has ended the Winner will be told of there winnings and will be contacted for shipping information and details on how to collect the prize. You have one week to claim your prize or the second place winner will be chosen and awarded the prize.
[Image: 14-130-297-03.jpg]
Brand EVGA
Model 256-P2-N753-TR
Interface PCI Express x16
GPU GeForce 8600 GT
Core Clock 540MHz
Stream Processors 32
Memory Clock 1400MHz
Memory Size 256MB
Memory Interface 128-bit
Memory Type GDDR3

PS. The competitions will feature new prizes on the 15th for the next month and likely continue to repeat until we see fit. You can check out the official post on our website at It's NY server so if your close check it out :/
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You: Hey, I want to run this program!
Windows: Ok.. It crashed... Now what? Give up?
*linux output helpful?*
You: ./My_program
Linux:...Failed!...oo kitties!
LOL an 8600GT!

The video card in my footrest is better

(when watching the telly, I put my feet on my old pc witch has 8800GTX Toungue )
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i love my 8800GTX and the 8600 is kind of old but it is a good way to get people in there

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