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How to make bots all one team
Im running a warm up sever for my team, and its running airshot/juggling practice maps etc with bots. but when ever the bots spawn, they spawn evenly distributed to keep teh teams balanced. ive disabled auto balance in teh server cfg, but they still keep it balanced. how can i make it so that all teh bots stay on 1 team?
mp_autoteambalance 0
mp_limitteams 0
bot_add ct or bot_add t (whichever team you want the bots to go on)
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I think he's playing TF2.
Did you try turning off auto balance?
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Well I'm not sure if there is such cVar in TF2 but in CSS it's this one:

bot_join_team CT

Try replacing the CT with a number (1 or 2)
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