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Stupid Kids
Some idiot is no match for me Toungue

Quote:VAC Security (auto): Attention User,
We are sorry to inform you that your account has been brought to our attention. Your account has been sited by VAC and needs to be investigated for further information. Like any other Valve Administrator, to clear your report we must ask for private information. You will be asked a few questions to verify that this is your account. Please fill out the information requested. If you do not fill out the information before you log out, the maintenance will not be able to be complete which will result in your account being VAC Banned.
Pass Code:
Confirm Pass Code:

Once your account has been verified that it is free of any faults, your e-mail provider will be notified.
Please do not submit PM reports for swearing, attitude, or issues not covered in the Valve ToS. Additionally, please do not submit this form multiple times, abuse this reporting tool, or spam this form with meaningless information. Thank you for your cooperation.
Yours sincerely, Administrator HCL
-Valve Administrator, Help & Support Team-

©Copyright serving Valve Anti-Cheat System since 2003 "Report Scanner". 2009 Valve
Interactive Device, Inc. All Rights Reserved.
©REPORT 423.738.435.889.349
King Goilio: Excuse me. Why are you trying to get my details?
VAC Security (auto): VAC has notified your account and we need to investigate why.
King Goilio: So you can't access my email through the accounts database?
VAC Security (auto): Well if you want Confirmation via e-mail than you will receive an e-mail in the next 24 hours
King Goilio: Exuse me, I don't thing your gramma is up to the level that Valve would appreciate.
VAC Security (auto): I am just an admin, i'm a person not a computer
King Goilio: Yet you don't know how to use full stops?
King Goilio: Hello?
VAC Security (auto): Sir i've had it with you
VAC Security (auto): You are not cooperating and therefor you will be sent one final e-mail and after that if you still choose not to cooperate then your account will be permanently banned.
King Goilio: Ok, can you send me that email now please.
King Goilio: You should have my email on record.
VAC Security (auto): I will have to fetch it. It may take up to 24 hours.
King Goilio: For you to search my SteamID in a database? Don't think so.
VAC Security (auto): If you require any more information about this matter visit and follow the links.
King Goilio: Sure, what links do you want me to click?
King Goilio: You are getting paid for the slow response time?
King Goilio: Hello?
VAC Security (auto) is now Offline.

EDIT: He just blocked me Toungue
~ trewq
Member since: April 25, 2009'

Sure hes from VALVe Toungue

Also on their page they said "VALVe would NEVER contact you and ask for information!".
realchamp Wrote:Lol:
Member since: April 25, 2009'

Sure hes from VALVe Toungue

Also on their page they said "VALVe would NEVER contact you and ask for information!".

Lol yer. I was trying to make him get angry and start to argue then I was going to say I worked for Valve and I was going to get his account shutdown and all the others we can find that are linked to you Toungue
~ trewq
I like those(when you don't get scammed!), they are pretty funny Toungue
I love messing with those kids, so funny. I like his name has auto in it, which i would think would be a computer
assmunk Wrote:funniest thing i find is how he is "VAC Security (auto)" i never know auto systems could talk back O.o


But the funny part is, that it's an automated chatter. But how the hell can it reply correctly to the messages King Goilio wrote? No chatting system is available public with that intelligence. However they are still VERY funny, if you pretend to be stupid. Hahaha I did this once too. I was death of laughing at in the end. Big Grin
reported Toungue
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Please do not PM me for server related help
fqdn Wrote:if you've seen the any of the matrix movies, a game server is not all that different. it runs a version of the game that handles the entire world for each client connected. that's the 2 sentence explanation.
One time that happened to me, and I said that I captured their IP using a packet sniffer, and that I had his phone number, and I would call the police. He said something like "please don't! i'll be grounded for a long time!!!"

Of course this is not possible since I would only receive the Steam server if I did that Toungue

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