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Server backups?
Hello my fellow SRCDS members, I am in need of a favor. Is there any script or program out there to generate backups of srcds directories at given times? Thanks.
Ryan White
Owner & CEO
Just make a simple bash or batch script that runs on a cron or windows scheduledtask.
~ trewq
I know there is a few control panel's out there that do sym link installs as well as scheduled backups of non symlink files. It's great fro GSP's but I'll have to remember the name of it let me find that for you lol
*Windows lack of output*
You: Hey, I want to run this program!
Windows: Ok.. It crashed... Now what? Give up?
*linux output helpful?*
You: ./My_program
Linux:...Failed!...oo kitties!
Ok, I appreciate it.
Ryan White
Owner & CEO

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