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mod looking for server guru for in-house advice
Hello! I found this forum via the link in the Steam Source DS forum. After about two minutes here I recognized how much value one of you could add to a project I've been working on. Deadlock is a PvPvE zombie-apo game with a few innovative twists. We've been in production for around four months. You can view public media on our ModDB page.

[Image: crop.jpg]

Basically, I know we can learn from you guys. It would be ideal to have someone who is plugged into the development of Deadlock and can advise us about the feasibility and value of different ideas from the perspective of an experienced admin, as well as to help us design Deadlock so it's admin-friendly.

If you're interested, hit me up on these forums or email me at ryan[Image: email.gif]
Would love to help
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I would be up for it as well. Chuck me a PM.
~ trewq

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