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Big Grin 
The SRCDS ToolSet is just a bunch of batch scripts that automate the process of installing, updating, and starting your server. I made these scripts so any cmd noob could install, update, and start their server with cmd. I made these batch scripts so anyone could read and modify them.

This is only for Windows users. If you use linux/unix you're probably smart enough to do it yourself. Plus it wouldn't be that hard to convert these batch scripts to bash.
Why do you have to insert all those .dll files?
I scanned it for those who were interested in knowing.

The results.
I don't trust scanners. I could easily create a new virus and no scanner could see it. First after a few months of releasing.
Did you read my readme?..

Those dll files are used for wget; a unix program ported to windows. All it does is download the hldsupdatetool from steam. I took wget from a program called cygwin I included the source code to wget as the GPL requires me to. If you're scared it's a virus don't use it, but I promise you it's not.

You can read the code of the *.cmd files, and you'll see that I only use wget once.
It's just becuase I have a wget.exe too. I don't need any other files.

But hey! Nice job anyways Smile

I will move this to the correct forum Smile
Beaverbeliever Wrote:I scanned it for those who were interested in knowing.

The results.

hmmmmmm seeing as how a batch scripts usuly don't show up on scanners, this is pointless
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I read the scripts. Several fixes can be made to clean them up.

HOWEVER, I see nothing questionable about the scripts. The batch scripts are SAFE. I did not check the other files. Assuming they are the correct files, I see no reason to doubt the security of these tools.

Radikll: If you wouldn't mind me modifying your scripts, I would be glad to make some minor changes for the better. Drop me a PM if that sounds OK with you.
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