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Getting Sv_download to work through garrysmod?
Okay so I used this guide:
But, people still cant seem to download files off my garrysmod server.
My webspace is located here:
I think the issue is is that the gameserver does not have a C:\SRCDS\game\cfg. directory. Where do you think I could find this on a garrysmod server?

Thanks :]
EDIT: I would really appreciate it if someone would make a step by step sv_download walkthrough specifically for garrysmod. I know many server operators that would appreciate it as well.
Make sure you do NOT have a trailing slash in the sv_downloadurl

The sv_downloadurl variable is the same for every game, you upload all your custom files up to your webspace and add the URL to that. Also make sure it's sv_downloadurl and not sv_download
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sv_downloadurl ""
srcds\garrysmod\cfg is where your game configs are held.
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I can't find a "srcds\garrysmod\cfg"
Am I missing something?
do a hldsupdatetool.exe -command update -game garrysmod -dir c:\srcds\ -verify_all
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