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Easter Bunny Hunt
Hi all,

currently we (clan fragaholics) arrange the so called Easter Bunny Hunt on our CS:S public server ( Today morning we resetted our server statistics (HLstatsX), and now everyone who likes plays for the first places in those stats until Easter monday evening (24:00 MEST). for the first three places we offer the following prices:
1. 4-slots CS:S war server (for 2 month)
2. 16-slots TeamSpeak server (for 2 month)
3. reserved slot on our public server (for 2 month)

Additinally every winner may pick a connect sound to be welcomed with on our public server (together with a message announcing him as on of the winners).

The winners will be presented on our home page ( on 14th of April. For receiving the prices they will be peased to report in our forums.

Finally, some additional terms:
Our clan members are excluded from attendance (their ranks will be skipped). Cheating is forbidden, players banned for cheating in the ESL league are excluded from attendance. The dispense of the prices are subject to avaiability. Connect sounds may be changed in length and volume and may not contain music. Legal recourse is excluded.

Have fun and visit ! (Linux Kernel HOWTO!)
Do not ask technical questions via PM!

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