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Hello first timer: I need help to enable the chat phrases to work. I can play the individual sounds through admin commands but my players cant type and here chat sounds such as 'lol" "hello" etc... I have sounds enabled in the config. And quake sounds work fine. I am only running the Mani admin mod. Do I need some other Mod installed to evoke the chat audio? I am running a HL2CTF server. Thanks,,Dave
Try Eventscripts. And search for Say command at
Thanks R.C. I will look into it now. I appreciate your quick re. dave..


sv_alltalk 1

into your console window ;0)
I think your on the right track OrganDonor. The console accepts that cmd fine,just no sounds i.e. lol,hello,brb, etc..
Even though those sounds are accessible to me in my mani admin mod. When I execute them there they play fine. Just not for chat text. Is there a some kind of sound config. execute im missing? The sounds are there and in the maps just not through chat? Any thoughts?? Thanks for responding..Dave
im not 100% you should install source there's more plugins + its better than mani's plugin

i used to use mani now im on source mod everything works fine :0)

and the tutorial is here Smile
Alright then thank you Mr. Donor. I'm installing source mod as we speak. Ill give that a go, and I understand from other owners that it is very good and solid. I appreciate your input and I might tap you for more info. If that's alright? :0) thanks,,Dave
yeah man no worries let me know what os you installed on b/c i want to add it to my compatibility list Wink

any Q's hit me up

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