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[Tutorial] - Installing Source:Mod for TF2 the easy way ...
This tutorial will show you how to install source:mod for TF2 easily.

1. Install SRCDS. If you dont have SRCDS follow the tutorials on the the home page then proceed to step 2.

2. Install the latest version of Meta:Source:Mod Installer from here ...

3. The application should automatically launch after installing. Click the steam key button to retrieve your steam id. Copy and paste the value into the installer.

4. Enter a name for your admin this doesn't have to be your steam user name but it helps when keeping track of accounts and admin etc.

5. Ensure you have the correct directory selected if you installed srcds via the tutorial on the home page the selected path should be fine. If not click the browse button and locate the srcds/orangebox/tf directory.

6. Click install and your done installing.

7. Now boot TF2 and type in the console window

bind "j" "sm_admin"

now when you press the "j" key (in game logged on to your server) you should see the source:mod administrator menu.

8. if you dont want to bind the key each time you boot tf2 go to your steamapps/uname/tf2/ directory and search for config.cfg and add the following line where the keys are bound.

bind "j" "sm_admin"

Hope this tutorial helps
Mr Donor
404 file not found. torrent not found. provide a download or link please. i dont think i installed meta or source mod right. and why do they call u organ doner? I NEEDS MAH COLINS!!!
ill repost it as soon as i can dig it out ;0)

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