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Easier way to manage admins?
Well, I've started selling admin on my server and I was wondering is there a better way people can pay as such. So when that time is over it will remove there admin from the server. Web interface billing kind of thing. At the moment I just put there name in my outlook Recurrence so every month on that day it reminds me to ask them if they want to renew admin on the server which seems like a crappy idea so is there an easier way?

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The "easiest" way is to learn Python(or C++) and PHP and code it yourself Smile
You might be able to modify Sourcebans a little bit. I use Sourcebans with Sourcemod and love the web panel that comes with it.

I wrote a Tutorial how to install it here.
i can feel and admin manager mod coming on lol
Sourcemod + mysql addon, is pretty easy
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suppose so i was gonna make a windows GUI for multiple servers
but i suppose if there's a plugin that does this then ill give it a miss
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