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Sourcebans Installation
Hello fellow SRCDS Members! I would like to share my guide to install Sourcebans, which is a system that allows server administrators to collaborate with Sourcemod in a nice easy to use web control panel.

It works in 2 ways: in-game and online.
  • Online - Online, you can enter in admins to be added to your Sourcemod admin system, add Bans, and control them all in groups.
  • In-Game - You can ban, and it shows up on the easy to understand web panel

The best way to learn it is to either look at someone else's working install of Sourcebans (mine Toungue), or install it yourself. And if you don't know how, that is the purpose of this tutorial.

  • Web Hosting
  • Game Server
  • Sourcebans/Metamod

Step 1:

[Image: image001-1.png?t=1234570731]
Go to and click Downloads. Download the most recent version of Sourcebans..

Step 2:

[Image: image001.png]
Inside the download, there is 2 folders. We will focus on the web_upload folder first. You need to get the files in that, and put it on your web server.
[Image: image002.png]

Step 3:

Where you installed Sourcebans, you will need to browse to it.

[Image: image003.png]

Check the box, and click Ok.

[Image: image004.png]

Fill in your MySQL Database info. Press ok.

[Image: image005.png]

Make sure your tech specs work.

[Image: image006.png]

Make sure it says that the Database connection was successful.

[Image: image007.png]

Fill in the info you will use to login to the web panel.

[Image: image008.png]

After it successfully installs, be sure to delete your install folder on your web server.

[Image: image010.png]

Login to your Admin Panel and configure to your info.

Step 4:

[Image: image001-2.png]

Now get on to your download of Sourcebans, and get the content of your game_upload folder, and upload it to your server. The folders in that should match up with the folders that you already have.

It should be easy to configure from there, make sure you edit your databases.cfg in gamefolder/addons/sourcemod/config/databases.cfg to connect to the MySQL DB you are using for your web panel, and restart your server to be sure. To check if its working, make sure you are admin in Sourcemod, and ban yourself for 1 minute. Then exit the game and go back on to your web panel, and be sure it added your name to the Ban page. If not, you might have had a problem in the installation.

I hope this tutorial is helpful to you, and I hope the pictures will help as well! Please reply with any comments, and I will be happy to add more info about any questions you may have!
Great guide, very helpful.
Also very informative
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when u sauy web hosting u mean liek your own website? and if i have a freewebs. site can i use that?
[Image: 461031727.png]

You need web hosting with MySQL and access to upload files. Freewebs might not cut it. I would recommend getting paid hosting, or hosting it yourself, which is highly not recommended.
Hey Beaver,

You took some extra time to make SSs. Not many people do and pics help alot, especially for those that are new to the world of mysql, configuring for webpanel, configuring for SM, etc.

I think your tut, which focuses much more on the webpanel install is valuable. I'd a suggestion though for the requirements section, if you will, or prerequisites actually. That would be to maybe describe what those are and any possible limitations. e.g., is your example for the mysql hosted locally as the webpanel? furthermore, is the gameserver on the same box?

I think there are more ppl out there w/o a dedicated box situation, which makes this tutorial more applicable to at face value. The majority of people out there w/o a DS solution will likely run into issue where their webhost will not allow outside connections. Things of that nature.

Oh, 1 other step that might precede this tut is the setting of correct permissions on the webpanel files prior to performing installation:

If your tutotorial is based on teh assumption that readers know all the above already, then my bad. I was trying to put myself in the shoes of the person just walking in the door, which wasn't too long ago for me.

Like I said though, the effort in the SSs and description does go a long way and that is appreciated.
Thanks for the input, I will add some more soon. I might make a video for Youtube or something so it might be even easier. I only installed this on my personal web server (Xampp) so I might make one that shows uploading via FTP, and setting permissions through ftp software.

I might show in CPanel, since that is very popular for web hosting providers. Any more input is greatly appreciated!
if id o want to host it myself . where do i begin. know any clear tuts for that?
[Image: 461031727.png]

If you host your server on your own machine, you will need to install Apache and MySQL on it to run the web part. The rest is pretty easy from there, but the hard part will be getting the web part all hooked up and working.
I cant get it working proply,
Can you please help me via teamview?
I can pay if you get it working :]
add jaydenbx9 on steam.
I can help after I get home Big Grin
EEyyh it wont work when i do the webb install is this work whit ucoz??
if it dont work please say there t works and i get it free
i put this in the adres bar:
so please help
Did you edit the httpd.conf for the sourcebans alias (or a link in sites_enabled). The httpd.conf is the Apache (webserver) config.
Warning Level: 0%
.TK addresses won't allow you to use subdomains off them as far as I know.
but i dont under stan Did you edit the httpd.conf for the sourcebans alias (or a link in sites_enabled). The httpd.conf is the Apache (webserver) config. please im so noob!!!!
You might be better off asking for help from the Sourcebans forum since that is what this question is about.

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