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installing and running multiple CSS servers?
NEW QUESTION on multiple CSS. Do I need each instance to use different port ? as in GG on 27015 surf 27016 etc ? or can both be set to 27015 with no issues (sorry im not a network type more software Smile )

This was the original question/post and it was answered and thanks
Quote:Ok simple question when I install a server it is installed in c:\srcds\cstrike well if I want to run say a GunGame deathmatch and a normal server and a surf, how would i install then tell the srcds what 'root' to use for each or do i need multiple c:\srcds?

Or to ask another way which of these is possible...
Running 3 CSS servers in a dir setup as this
  • c:\srcds\cstrike_gg
  • c:\srcds\cstrike_normal
  • c:\srcds\cstrike_surf
OR do i need to
  • c:\srcds_gg\cstrike
  • c:\srcds_normal\cstrike
  • c:\srcds_surf\cstrike
The second.
You can't (or shouldn't) change the name of the mod folder.
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c:\srcds_gg\cstrike thats the way you would name it because renaming the cstrike folder would mess things up.
Ok thanks but atm I am having issues with my l4d server showing up on 2 ips

I have 4 internal ips and 4 external ips set (I think correctly Smile) and Im not sure if the reason the l4d is showing up on 2 of the external is due to incorrect command line options or if i have a network issue since the CSS server is showing up on only the one lol

but thanks again for the info Smile
Anyone Know if you 'need' to run each server on a different port if the servers are all hosted on different ips but the same box ?
Each IP can run 1 of each port.
So you can have server1 on IP1 with port27015
server2 on IP2 with port 27015
server3 on IP3 with port 27015 etc.

And I think it's a network issue yes Smile
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I think you might be able to do that, you just have to rename the cstrike folders yourself and add -game cstrike_gg to startup command
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