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Yeah man !!! SDK 1st build
i got my 1st build under my belt my mod loaded successfully yey !


im gonna make tea to celebrate SmileSmileSmile
What kind of mod?
im not 100% sure yet but i've been thinking criminals & multi player lol

along the lines of tf2 but maybe without fixed weapon classes more like quake 3
Ahh.. Cool! Smile
will keep you posted on how it goes ;0)
Cool Smile
man im tired now but i got it to build and run my map after a little fiddling about

i havnt attempted to edit the main menu yet or add any custom graphics .... think i need to go and have a think on how im going to do this / how the game will work .... there's not many tutorials for the source engine so progress is goint to be slow lol

i installed softimage yesterday it looks cool but im trying to see if i can use max to develop models etc b/c i know it better have found a plugin for max 2009 just dldin it now

... this projects just a testbed to see how easy/difficult it is to make a full mod
i now have my development environment setup ...

Im using :

VS 2005
3DMax 2009
Soft Image XSI
PhotoShop CS
& VTFEDIT +vtf ps plugin

everything works sweet ... will attempt to get my 1st gun working later this week

i tested my first map a few nights ago and it seems to work ok ... need to find out how to assign default weapons and then the class design begins lol SmileSmileSmileSmile
Don't use Virsual Studio 2005. It's old..

The 2008 version is much better Smile
the sdk is written in 2005 .... and compiles easily .... 2008 i need to download extra libraries and change code to get the configuration to build i did try once but thought i might as well install 2005 instead, b/c it works.

ive got both ... but have more projects in 2005.

will have a look for a 2008 pre configured project .... there might be one available

.... and re. the gun design ... just modding the pistol and making a usp :0)

will post some screen shots later.
one usp coming together well ...

Attached Files
.gif   uspmodel.gif (Size: 99.14 KB / Downloads: 17)
i wanna test placing this into softimage now and see if i can get it to load in my game.
2008 is the winner. Smile

I used 2005, I didn't like it :/

i got my gun to import into softimage

now from softimage to hl2 ! man this is long winded
Updated :

I've finished modeling the gun just working on getting it into source now Smile

some pics below feel free to make a skin if you like Wink

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.jpg   usp.jpg (Size: 26.94 KB / Downloads: 1)
.jpg   skinuspmap.jpg (Size: 395.46 KB / Downloads: 3)
.jpg   usppreview.jpg (Size: 9.16 KB / Downloads: 2)
.jpg   uspmap.jpg (Size: 86.59 KB / Downloads: 3)

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