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Server Logging?
I currently run a clan with 5 source servers, I have access to RCON and FTP on all, and a webhost with all ports open...
I have HLstatsX on one server, but at €2.50/mo per server, the rest will be quite exensive, and I already pay for 2 servers, webhosting, and the main HLstatsX (this totals to about £30/mo)

I know how to send the logs with
log 1
( is the location of my seccondary webhost, that has all the ports open, my main host is cheaper, but only allows http and https)

What do I need to put on the site to get it to receve the logs?
I know that most providers log the servers, but I need them all in one place.

get HLstatsX Community Edition.

Really awesome piece of software. We use it on our 3 servers.
I've looked into it, but I don't have SSH on any of the servers...
I can host HlstatsX CE for you really cheap. Send my a PM if you are interested.
~ trewq

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