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Phone browsing
Just wanted to know if anyone else has ever visited, replied to a thread, or done anything on these forums with there cell phone/blackberry? I responded to a thread earlier today and even though the website doesn't have built in support for viewing with a phone its surprisingly easy to navigate and do stuff vs other websites of course lol.
*Windows lack of output*
You: Hey, I want to run this program!
Windows: Ok.. It crashed... Now what? Give up?
*linux output helpful?*
You: ./My_program
Linux:...Failed!...oo kitties!
I use my iPod all the time, and yes it does work very well. The only problem I have is when people post a picture, it screws up the resolution of the browser window, but that's my iPod's fault. Sad
I post more on my iPhone then I do with a computer
Veloci Servers
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