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Massive jump in CPU usage since update
Hello all,

I've searched the forums already and I don't see a thread about this specific issue, so here goes:

We're running two servers from a virtualized instance (VMware ESX 3.5). Server is a Quad Xeon 2.0GHz, 8GB RAM. Since the Valve Scout updates the servers have become completely unusable. After the initial problems with people dropping from the game (-NoQueuedPacketThread fixed that), whenever one person joins the CPU load immediately jumps from a few percent at idle to 40-50%. Basically, when 4 people are playing the server is lagging to hell already. The silly thing is that the same setup was handling 24 players at tickrate 66 without a hitch a few days before that during a playtest.

Kernel config is nothing special:

I'm at a loss on how to solve this. Tried combinations of kernel Hz at 100,250,300,1000, Tickless, HPET, and it only worsens performance so far.

Can anyone help?
Well waddayaknow... Valve's latest update (83) actually solves this specific problem Smile
that is usually how it works they make a problem with an update then fixes it with another update but valve tries

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