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high cpu usage!!
hey i seem to have an issue that doesnt make much sence. here is what im xp x64. intel q6600 @ 2.4ghz. evga nforce790i ultra sli. 6gb ddr3 1600mhz. geforce 8800gts in sli. here is the problem, after about 5-6 hrs of running the dedicated CSS server, the game starts to lag up, and when i look, it shows my cpu usage maxed out :S but for only 1 core and my other 3 cores have next to no usage... ive looked and all the power from 1 core is being utilized on SRCDS and i have to close it out and restart for it to go back down to normal? wich doesnt sound right, considering a server is supposed to run for much much longer. its a clean installation of xp x64, all it runs is the SRCDS program, and XAMPP (wich is a web server) but even in task manager the only thing showing usage from the cpu is SRCDS.... any ideas? thanks
Is this server running any plugins?
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get a better cpu? Toungue

what mods is the server useing, how big is the server, how many servers are there, what cpu you useing?
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