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Anyone interested in renting Dedicated Space?
Hey guys!

Haven't posted much lately, been busy at work, but I figured I would pop in and see if anyones interested. My company is renting me quad core boxes at a discounted rate, and now that I don't really run gameservers much anymore, I don't have much to use it for. Just nice to have as I greatly missed having a dedicated box.

I figured some people might not want to rent from a GSP but cant afford an entire dedicated server either, so I am offering up part of this box for rent. Could also work for someone looking to start up a GSP and needing some initial space to work with.

Either way the boxes are Quad core Xeons located in Dallas, TX with T1 bandwidth, 8GB of RAM, 600GB of hard drive space, and pretty much uncapped bandwidth. If interested we could probably setup something where you could rent a core for a fraction of the cost of a dedicated box, and have Remote Desktop access to it and basically manage it however you please.

If anyones interested im not looking to rip any one off. I just have these boxes sitting here now and nothing to do with them. Feel free to post questions or shoot me a PM or e-mail at
i shot you a message through email.
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CrimsonGT Wrote:located in Dallas, TX with T1 bandwidth
Isn't a T1 line 1.5 Mb?

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