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SteamKey ...

A simple application to retrieve your steam id and username.

Initial release (Release notes)

Description :
SteamKey is a small application designed for use when installing steam / steam related server software plugins and administration configuration for various steam/SRCDS games.

The application automatically looks for your steam id & username under c:\program files\steam\
If you have steam installed in a different directory click the browse for steam button.
If steam is installed in its default directory ie. c:\program files\steam\ you will not be able to see the above button.
The program will list previous steam user id's and names specific to your local steam installation.
Please see screen shot provided for more info. (

I take no responsibility for noobs / poor usage.
In other words ensure you read the readme.txt file.

Compatible with :
Windows XP
Windows Vista
(And possibly 95/98/2000/Me/NT still untested on these OS's let me know if it works)

Prerequisites :
You will need the framework installed to run this application.

Torrent download :
quick question, why a torrent download?
[Image: 3386928252.png]
He always lists his downloads off that site Toungue

If you want people to download your stuff, don't put it on a torent site. Upload it to or the similar!
i use file planet too ... ill upload it there asap ;0)

i can monitor torrents more so than downloads off websites + torrent spiders distribute stuff pretty well
OrganDonor Wrote:A simple application to retrieve your steam id and username.

and password LOL
lol i dont think so ...

it does the same as steamID.exe (from mani's site) but is a windows app rather than console so you can easily copy n paste the values

monitor the program if you want it makes no attempt to connect to the internet the only 2 things it looks @ is one log file under your steam dir and your steamapps dir

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