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Disturbed Gaming Competition
Disturbed Gaming is hosting its premier competition for New Zealand and Australian Counterstrike: Source players. We are now open for registration for New Zealand and Australian clans only you must have a team of at least 5 players. We will have a high quality gaming server provided by a sponsor. We are looking to find the best clan throughout the Australian and New Zealand Counterstrike: Source communities. The competition will be booked once 5 major clans sign up. All participants will be notified of match times.

Click the link below to register for the competition.

To register you must provide the STEAM ID of every player in your team which will be participating in the event.

Thinking of cheating?
Anyone found to be cheating will be disqualified from the competition along with their team and you will also be banned from any future Disturbed Gaming events. sv_pure will be set to 2 so no custom materials will be allowed.

=DG= FibreOptic

Copyright 2009 © Disturbed Gaming
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Sorry bud, but read the rules before posting. Need 30+ posts.
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